Have you bought new furniture for your living room?

Vydáno: 22.10.2018

You will probably sweat while furnishing your living room. It is one of the most frequented rooms. In the living room we meet with family and visitors. We also relax there or wa... Celý článek

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Are you thinking of purchase of an apartment in Prague as an investment?

Vydáno: 26.09.2015

Are you thinking about investment into your future but you still don’t know which direction to focus? There are various investments. You can invest into stocks or real property ... Celý článek

How to take care of a house?

Vydáno: 29.05.2015

Are you going to buy a house or are you already building one? To build a house is just a start because it doesn’t end by that, rather vice versa. To have a comfortable life with... Celý článek

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