Have you bought new furniture for your living room?

You will probably sweat while furnishing your living room. It is one of the most frequented rooms. In the living room we meet with family and visitors. We also relax there or watch the TV. How to turn living room into a nice cozy place with help of furniture?

Forget about ugly and unattractive furniture

If you are following advertisements for houses for rent in Prague then you have surely come across pictures and advertisements showing all the furniture included.

Usually it is all the same – ugly and unattractive furniture, bad use of the space and all the furniture stuck to the walls. Take a lesson learned from this scenery. Sometimes less is more and it pays off to invest into quality and nice furniture.

Use up all the space smartly

Apartments for sale of all sizes and shapes can be turned into beautiful living. You only need a little bit of imagination and taste for creativity. The best is to draw shape of the living room with all the measures and you will plan what and where to place. Focus on one dominant spot in the room.

If you have a window over one whole wall you can place sofa there or for example working corner. Fill corners of the room with flower pots and don’t be afraid of experimenting. People place the furniture to walls to save money but paradoxically they optically make it look even smaller.

Place tables and cabinets rather into the space. Don’t be afraid to use decorative rugs, pillows and pictures. However be careful about various nickcnacks which only collect dust and no one actually admires them.

Plan and get an inspiration

Development projects have great advantage. You can choose what and where do you want to have including sockets. Thanks to that you can arrange where you will place TV table, large beautiful lamp etc. To get some inspiration take a walk through malls selling furniture.

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